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Document regulated medical waste that leaves your office with our printable Disposal & Recycling Log.

WasteWise® Disposal and Recycling Products allow you to manage all the regulated waste your office generates!

Just order WasteWise® products from your current supply company and get rid of your expensive traditional waste disposal company. Because WasteWise® products are inherently more efficient they cost a lot less and generate a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to traditional disposal methods.

You win by saving money and the environment wins with a reduced carbon footprint!

NO contracts, NO hidden fees, Easy to order, Simple to use, Up to 10 times less expensive and the smallest Carbon Footprint…

There is a better way, The WasteWise® Way!

Are you spending 10 times more than the Doctor down the hall?

Dr. Hermansen was.

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Before we switched to Isolyser/SMS sharps disposal products, we were using a traditional sharps disposal company that increased its prices every year. After feeling that we were not getting our money’s worth, we felt that we needed to investigate better options. We determined that we were paying 10 times more for traditional sharps disposal than we would pay using Isolyser/SMS. The conversion was delayed because our sharps disposal company said we had a contract, so we had to wait a few months. I suggest that every office check to see if they have a “term” contract, and, if they do, I suggest they change the term to “month to month”.

As we see our office overhead rise almost monthly, it is refreshing to realize that we’ve been able to save a significant amount on this new mode of sharps management. Handling the Isolyser/SMS sharps containers is an easier process, too. There are no more interruptions by the sharps collection person and no more confusing invoices with hidden charges. We also learned that using lsolyser/SMS creates a smaller carbon footprint because each IsoIyser container is driven 100 fewer miles before disposal. It’s a smarter way of managing sharps disposal. When the IsoIyser/SMS is full, we activate it, drop it in the regular trash and order a new one from our supply company. It couldn’t be easier. I highly recommend the IsoIyser/SMS.


Donald R. Hermansen, D.D.S.

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WasteWise® Products


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The easiest way to dispose of sharps waste in the office.

Simply Fill, Treat and Dispose. It’s that easy!

Untreated sharps never leave your office!

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Mail-back sharps disposal.

Simply Fill, Package, and Mail. It’s that easy!

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Isolyser®/SMS®m 5G & 18G

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Our mail-back option to dispose of full sharps containers and red bag medical waste

Simply Fill, Package, and Mail. It’s that easy!

Reduce medical waste disposal cost by 68%!

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The easiest way to recycle your amalgam-contaminated items.

Simply Fill, Package, and Ship.

Protect the Environment while staying compliant.

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The easiest way to dispose of film processing chemicals in the office.

Simply Fill, Activate, Solidify, and Dispose. It’s that easy!

Save hundreds of dollars on your waste disposal.

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The easiest way to recycle lead foil.

Simply Fill, Package, and Ship. It’s that easy!

Be kind to the environment and stay compliant with federal waste regulations.

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The easiest way to dispose of cold sterile and glutaraldehyde in the office

Simply Fill, Activate and Dispose. It’s that easy!

Save money while staying compliant.

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WasteWise® products are sold through our supply partners. You simply order with the rest of your supplies, or let us help. You can order from here and we will place the order with your supplier on your behalf.

WasteWise® Products Detail Sheet

In an effort to protect the environment we encourage our distribution partners to share links to our website and print detail sheets on an as needed basis.


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